Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Home made hot chocolate mix gift Presentation

I made some Home made Hot Chocolate Mix today which I posted on my Food Blog :)

I thought it would be nice to give as a gift for any occasion so why not make it look pretty.
Nothing says you care more than a gift made from the heart :)

What you need:
Tub with a lid that has a lip
A pair of scissors
Sellotape/sticky tape
Brown parcel paper or paper of your choice.
2 patterned cup cake cases
String as needed
1 paper plate

What to do :

Firstly Measure and cut out the brown paper to fit snugly around the jar and stick down with tape.

Now either cut the base of a cupcake case or fold under and push it gently under the lip of the lid to cover.

Now draw a small circle on a paper plate ( I used a little Vaseline tin to draw around)

This is for the label.

Now cut the same size circle from the base of the other cupcake case and stick it it onto the card circle.

You can either put a Home Made Sticker onto it or leave it plain and write a message on it.

Make a small hole on the label big enough to thread string through it.

Cut as much thread as needed and thread one end through the hole of the label.
Wrap the string around as desired and adjust the label and tie a double knot or a bow at the end to secure it.

Your gift is now ready :)

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