Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Pet Hampers

We all love our beloved fur babies as of course they get gifts on special occasions as us humans do :)
Last Christmas I decided to make little Hampers for our 2 cats and our dog :)
These are very easy to make and look pretty too so give it a go :) 

Material used:

Empty cat/dog food boxes
wrapping paper
sticky tape
marker of choice
News paper for stuffing

How to make Hampers:

Remove the top (lid) of the box and extra bits on the sides.
Chose wrapping paper of your choice and wrap the outside of the box.

Now scrunch up some news paper or tissue paper and stuff it inside the box. This will help raise the items slightly so that they can be seen :)
Arrange treats in the hamper and stick with tape if necessary  to keep them stable.
Make a little label with your pets name and stick it on the front.
Now stick a glittery ruffle on the hamper and add a little sparkle to your hamper by placing some tinsel in with the treats.

Your pets will feel very special :)

Have fun and enjoy :)

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